Synology NAS

What is Synology nas technology?

Synology technology refers to solutions and products developed by Synology Inc., primarily known for their Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. These devices allow users to store, share, and backup their data efficiently across multiple platforms and locations. Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) The Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is the operating system powering Synology NAS devices. DSM …

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Why Synology is so expensive?

Synology is expensive due to its premium build quality, innovative software ecosystem, energy efficiency, and exceptional customer support, providing long-term value. Introduction Background on Synology Synology, established in 2000, is a renowned manufacturer of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. Originating from Taiwan, the company rapidly rose to prominence due to its dedication to quality, innovation, …

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What is Synology NAS for?

Synology NAS is a centralized storage solution that allows users to store, access, and manage data securely. It offers multimedia streaming, file sharing, and backup options, making it ideal for both personal and business use. Introduction to Network Attached Storage (NAS) Network Attached Storage, commonly referred to as NAS, has become a pivotal asset for …

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