What is a Synology NAS?

What is a Synology NAS?

A Synology NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a device that allows users to store and access data from multiple locations over a network connection. It is essentially a specialized computer with storage drives and software that manages the storage and access of data. Synology is a company that specializes in producing NAS devices with various models and features to cater to different storage needs.

Features of Synology NAS

1. Storage Capacity: Synology NAS devices come in different capacities, ranging from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes, allowing users to store a large amount of data.

2. Data Protection: Synology NAS devices offer various data protection features, including RAID configurations, which distribute data across multiple drives for redundancy and data recovery in case of drive failures.

3. File Sharing: Synology NAS devices support file sharing protocols like SMB, AFP, and FTP, enabling multiple users or devices to access shared files and collaborate.

4. Remote Access: Synology NAS devices have built-in features that allow users to access their files and data remotely from outside their local network, providing flexibility and convenience.

5. Application Ecosystem: Synology offers an application ecosystem with a wide range of software applications for backup, media streaming, surveillance, virtualization, and more, allowing users to customize their NAS functionality.

Benefits of Using Synology NAS

1. Data Centralization: With a Synology NAS, users can centralize their data storage, ensuring all important files are stored in one secure location.

2. Data Backup: Synology NAS devices support automated backup options, allowing users to easily create backups of their data to protect against data loss.

3. Media Streaming: Synology NAS devices support media server applications, enabling users to stream and access their multimedia files on different devices like smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets.

4. Surveillance Solution: Some Synology NAS models have integrated surveillance capabilities, allowing users to connect IP cameras and create a home or office surveillance system.

5. Scalability: Synology NAS devices are scalable, meaning users can easily add storage drives or upgrade to higher-capacity models as their storage needs increase.


A Synology NAS is a versatile and reliable storage solution that provides users with a centralized and secure way to store, access, and protect their data. With its extensive features and customizable applications, a Synology NAS offers flexibility and convenience in managing and utilizing data across multiple devices and locations.

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