How do I access my Synology NAS if I forgot the IP address?

To access your Synology NAS if you forgot the IP address

Method 1: Using Synology Assistant

1. Download and install the Synology Assistant from the Synology website.

2. Connect your Synology NAS to the same network as your computer.

3. Launch the Synology Assistant.

4. The Assistant will search for any Synology NAS devices connected to your network. The NAS device will be displayed in the list with its IP address.

5. Double-click on the NAS device in the list to open it in your default browser.

Method 2: Using Router Interface

1. Log in to your router's administrative interface.

2. Look for the list of connected devices or DHCP clients.

3. Find the entry for your Synology NAS in the list. The entry may show the device name, MAC address, and IP address.

4. Note down the IP address assigned to your NAS.

5. Type the IP address in your web browser's address bar to access your NAS.

Method 3: Using Bonjour/Avahi

1. If you are using a Mac computer, open Finder and locate the "Shared" section in the sidebar. Your Synology NAS should be listed there.

2. If you are using a Windows PC, you may need to install Bonjour for Windows to enable this feature.

3. Double-click on your Synology NAS in the list to open it in your default browser.

Method 4: Using Synology QuickConnect

1. Go to the Synology website and log in to your Synology account.

2. Navigate to the QuickConnect section.

3. If QuickConnect is enabled on your NAS, you will see a list of your linked devices. The IP address of your NAS will be displayed next to the device name.

4. Click on the device name to access your NAS.

By following these methods, you should be able to access your Synology NAS even if you have forgotten the IP address.

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