How can I sync data between my Synology NAS and other devices?

Syncing Data Between a Synology NAS and Other Devices

Syncing data between your Synology NAS and other devices is essential for efficient file management and accessibility. Whether you want to share files across devices or ensure data backups, Synology provides various methods to accomplish this. Below are some options to consider:

1. Synology Drive

Synology Drive is a cloud-based file sync and sharing service that allows you to access your NAS data from any device with an internet connection. It provides cross-platform compatibility, enabling syncing across Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices.

To set up Synology Drive, follow these steps:

i. Install Synology Drive Server

On your Synology NAS, install the Synology Drive Server package from the Package Center. Make sure it is up to date, and create shared folders to store your files.

ii. Install Synology Drive Client

Install the Synology Drive Client on your computer or mobile device. Visit the Synology website, download the appropriate client, and follow the installation instructions.

iii. Sync Files

Launch the Synology Drive Client and sign in using your Synology NAS credentials. Choose the folders you want to sync with your device, and the files will be synchronized automatically.

2. File Station

Synology's File Station allows you to manage and sync files directly within your NAS environment. It provides a web-based interface accessible from any browser.

To sync files using File Station, follow these steps:

i. Enable WebDAV

On your Synology NAS, go to "Control Panel" > "File Services" > "WebDAV" and enable the WebDAV service.

ii. Connect to Your NAS via WebDAV

On your computer, open a file explorer (e.g., Windows Explorer) and enter the WebDAV address of your NAS (e.g., http://nas-ip-address:port/webdav). Use your Synology NAS credentials to authenticate.

iii. Sync Files

Now you can manage and sync files between your NAS and your computer using the File Station interface in the file explorer.

3. Cloud Sync

If you already use cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, Synology's Cloud Sync allows you to sync your NAS data with these services.

To sync files using Cloud Sync, follow these steps:

i. Install Cloud Sync

On your Synology NAS, go to the Package Center and install Cloud Sync.

ii. Set Up Cloud Sync

Launch Cloud Sync and select the cloud storage provider you want to sync with. Follow the prompts to sign in using your cloud storage account credentials.

iii. Sync Files

Create a new sync task and select the folders you want to sync between your NAS and the cloud storage service. Choose the synchronization options and start the sync process.

By utilizing Synology Drive, File Station, or Cloud Sync, you can easily sync data between your Synology NAS and other devices, ensuring seamless file management and accessibility. Choose the method that best fits your needs and optimize your data syncing workflow.

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