QNAP NAS Expansion: Adding Additional Drives

QNAP NAS Expansion: Adding Additional Drives

Expanding the capacity of your QNAP NAS by adding additional drives is a simple and efficient process.

When it comes to expanding the storage capacity of your QNAP NAS, adding extra drives is a cost-effective solution. By increasing the number of drives, you can create a larger storage pool and increase the overall storage capacity available for your data.

QNAP NAS supports various drive expansion methods, including:

  • Internal Drive Bay Expansion
  • Expansion Units

Internal Drive Bay Expansion:

QNAP NAS devices typically come with one or more drive bays for installing hard drives or solid-state drives (SSDs). The number of drive bays available depends on the specific NAS model you own. You can easily expand your storage capacity by adding additional drives to these empty bays. Simply open the NAS chassis, slot in the new drive, and secure it using the provided screws. Once the drive is properly installed, your QNAP NAS will automatically detect and configure it, making it ready for use.

Note: Ensure that you use supports the same interface (SATA or SAS) as the existing drives.

Expansion Units:

If your QNAP NAS does not have any available drive bays, expansion units offer a convenient way to add more drives. QNAP offers a range of expansion units that can be connected to your NAS via high-speed interfaces such as USB 3.2 Gen 2 or Thunderbolt™. These expansion units can house additional drives and act as an extension of your QNAP NAS storage. Simply connect the expansion unit to your NAS and follow the provided instructions to configure the newly added drives.

Note: Expansion units may have limitations on the maximum number of drives they can support. Refer to the specifications of your specific expansion unit for more information.

Expansion Unit Compatibility:

Below is a table showing the compatibility between QNAP NAS models and expansion units:

QNAP NAS Model Supported Expansion Units
TS-453D UX-800P, UX-500P
TS-453Be UX-800P, UX-500P
TS-673 UX-800P, UX-500P, REXP-1220U-RP

By following the steps above, you can easily expand the storage capacity of your QNAP NAS and ensure that your data has sufficient space for future growth.

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