How do I turn off the LED lights on my Synology DS720+ NAS?

To turn off the LED lights on your Synology DS720+ NAS, follow these steps:

1. Open the Control Panel by accessing the web interface of your NAS. You can do this by entering the NAS IP address in your web browser.

2. Log in to the web interface using your administrator account.

3. In the Control Panel, navigate to "Hardware & Power" and click on "General".

4. Scroll down to the "LED" section, which displays the LED settings for different functions of your NAS.

5. To turn off the LED lights completely, uncheck the box next to "Enable general LED". This will disable all the LED lights on your NAS.

6. If you prefer to only turn off specific LED lights, uncheck the corresponding boxes under "General" or other sections such as "HDD 1", "HDD 2", "LAN", "Status", etc.

7. Once you have made your desired changes, click on "Apply" to save the settings.

8. The LED lights on your Synology DS720+ NAS will now be turned off or disabled based on the settings you configured.

Please note that by turning off the LED lights, you may lose visual indications of various activities, such as network connectivity, hard drive status, or system notifications.

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