Which NAS drives are the best for a Synology NAS?

Best NAS Drives for Synology NAS

Synology, a leading provider of NAS solutions, offers a wide range of compatible NAS drives. Below are some of the best choices for your Synology NAS:

1. **Seagate IronWolf NAS HDD**: Offering excellent storage capacity and reliability, the Seagate IronWolf series is specifically designed for use in NAS systems. These drives come in various capacities ranging from 1TB to 18TB, providing ample space for your data storage needs. With a rotational speed of 7200 RPM and a durability rating of 1 million hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), these drives ensure smooth and uninterrupted performance.

2. **Western Digital Red NAS HDD**: Western Digital Red drives are another popular choice for Synology NAS. With capacities ranging from 1TB to 18TB, these drives provide reliable and efficient performance. They are designed to handle the demands of a NAS environment and offer features such as NASware technology for enhanced compatibility and protection against data loss.

3. **Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD**: If you require even greater performance and reliability, the Seagate IronWolf Pro series is worth considering. These drives are designed for high workload environments and come with a 300TB/year workload rating. With capacities up to 18TB and a 7200 RPM rotational speed, they provide robust performance and advanced data protection features.

4. **WD Red Pro NAS HDD**: The WD Red Pro drives are Western Digital's high-performance NAS solution. With capacities ranging from 2TB to 18TB, these drives offer increased reliability and optimized performance for demanding NAS applications. They come with a 5-year limited warranty and RAID-specific firmware to ensure maximum compatibility and data integrity.

Comparison of the Best NAS Drives for Synology NAS:

Drive Capacity Range RPM MTBF Workload Rating
Seagate IronWolf NAS HDD 1TB - 18TB 7200 1 million hours N/A
Western Digital Red NAS HDD 1TB - 18TB 5400 1 million hours N/A
Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS HDD 2TB - 18TB 7200 1.2 million hours 300TB/year
WD Red Pro NAS HDD 2TB - 18TB 7200 1 million hours N/A

Ultimately, the choice of the best NAS drive for your Synology NAS depends on your specific requirements in terms of storage capacity, performance, and workload. It is recommended to consider factors such as data storage needs, compatibility, and budget when making a decision.

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