Can I connect my Synology NAS to a UPS for power protection?

Yes, you can connect your Synology NAS to a UPS for power protection.

Why should you connect your NAS to a UPS?

- A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) provides backup power in case of a power outage or other electrical issues.
- Connecting your Synology NAS to a UPS ensures that it remains powered on and operational even during power disruptions.
- This helps safeguard your data and prevent any potential data loss or damage that may occur due to unexpected power interruptions.

How to connect your Synology NAS to a UPS?

1. Check the compatibility: Ensure that the UPS you have or plan to purchase is compatible with your Synology NAS model. You can find information on compatible UPS models on the Synology website or user manual.

2. Connect power cords: Connect the power cord of the UPS to a power outlet, and then connect the power cord of your Synology NAS to one of the UPS power outlets.

3. Install UPS software: Install the UPS software provided by Synology on your NAS. This software helps manage power events, including automatic shutdown of the NAS during extended power outages to prevent data loss.

4. Configure UPS settings: Access your Synology NAS web interface and navigate to the UPS settings. Configure the UPS settings to indicate that your NAS is connected to a UPS. This allows the NAS to monitor the UPS status and take appropriate actions during power events.

5. Test the UPS setup: Perform a test to ensure that your Synology NAS is correctly connected to the UPS and that the UPS is functioning properly. This involves simulating a power outage or triggering the UPS software to initiate a shutdown.

Benefits of connecting your Synology NAS to a UPS:

- Power protection: Protects your Synology NAS from unexpected power interruptions, ensuring uptime and preventing data loss.
- Automatic shutdown: The UPS software can automatically shut down the NAS during prolonged power outages to ensure a safe shutdown and prevent potential data corruption.
- Notification alerts: The UPS software can send notifications to your designated email or mobile device, informing you about power events and the status of your NAS.
- Power management: The UPS software allows you to monitor power usage and set power-saving options to optimize energy efficiency.

Overall, connecting your Synology NAS to a UPS provides an additional layer of protection for your data and ensures the uninterrupted operation of your NAS, even during power disruptions.

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