What is the Synology Drive ShareSync feature, and how does it work?

Synology Drive ShareSync: An Overview

Synology Drive ShareSync is a feature provided by the Synology Drive application, which allows users to synchronize files and folders between multiple Synology NAS devices. This feature ensures that files are always up to date and available across all devices, providing a seamless and collaborative file-sharing experience.

How does Synology Drive ShareSync work?

Synology Drive ShareSync works by utilizing the synchronization capabilities of the Synology Drive application. It allows users to create shared folders and define the synchronization targets for these folders.

When a file or folder is added, modified, or deleted in one Synology NAS device, the changes are automatically synced to the other connected Synology NAS devices. This bi-directional synchronization ensures that all devices have the same files and folders, maintaining consistency and accessibility across the network.

Users can also configure advanced settings such as bandwidth control, versioning, and conflict resolution to optimize the synchronization process.

Key Features of Synology Drive ShareSync:

1. Real-time synchronization: Synology Drive ShareSync ensures that changes to files and folders are immediately synchronized across connected devices, providing real-time collaboration capabilities.

2. Bi-directional syncing: Changes made in one Synology NAS device are automatically replicated to other connected devices, ensuring consistency and accessibility of files across the network.

3. Advanced settings: Users can configure various settings like bandwidth control, versioning, and conflict resolution to tailor the synchronization process according to their specific requirements.

4. Granular folder-level permissions: Synology Drive ShareSync allows users to set fine-grained permissions for shared folders, ensuring secure and controlled access.

5. Bandwidth control: Users can allocate and manage bandwidth usage for synchronization to avoid overwhelming the network during peak usage hours.

6. Versioning: Synology Drive ShareSync keeps track of file versions, allowing users to revert to previous versions if necessary.

7. Conflict resolution: In case of conflicting changes made to the same file, Synology Drive ShareSync provides conflict resolution options to let users choose the desired version of the file.

Compatibility and Requirements:

Synology Drive ShareSync is compatible with Synology NAS devices running DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0 and above. The number of supported devices and shared folders may vary depending on the specific model and hardware specifications of the Synology NAS device.

Please refer to the Synology official website or user documentation for detailed compatibility and system requirements.

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