What are the initial setup steps for a Synology NAS?

Initial Setup Steps for a Synology NAS

1. Connect the NAS to the network

First, connect your Synology NAS to your local network using an Ethernet cable. Ensure that the NAS and your computer are connected to the same network.

2. Power on the NAS

After connecting the NAS to the network, plug in the power adapter and turn on the device. Wait for it to boot up completely.

3. Accessing the NAS

Find the IP address of your Synology NAS by using the Synology Assistant. Download and install the Synology Assistant software, then open it to detect the NAS device on your network. The software will display the NAS's IP address.

4. Accessing the NAS management interface

Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the NAS in the address bar. This will load the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) login page.

5. Create an administrator account

On the DSM login page, click on "Create an account" to set up the administrator account for your NAS. Enter the desired username, password, and other necessary details.

6. Agree to the license agreement

After creating the administrator account, you will be presented with Synology's End-User License Agreement (EULA). Read through the agreement and click on "Agree" to proceed.

7. Install DSM

Next, the NAS will prompt you to install Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), which is the operating system running on the NAS. Click on "Install Now" to begin the installation process.

8. Configure RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)

If you plan to use the NAS for storage, it is recommended to set up a RAID configuration for data redundancy and increased performance. You can choose from various RAID levels depending on your requirements. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the RAID.

9. Customize settings

Once the RAID configuration is complete, you can customize various settings such as network, security, and services based on your preferences. The DSM interface provides an intuitive graphical user interface for managing these settings.

10. Start using the Synology NAS

After completing the initial setup steps, your Synology NAS is ready to use. You can now start utilizing its features such as file sharing, backup, media streaming, and more.

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