How do I access my NAS media library on my smart TV?

Accessing your NAS media library on your smart TV

Step 1: Ensure your smart TV is connected to the same network as your NAS

Before you can access your NAS media library on your smart TV, make sure both devices are connected to the same network. You can check the network settings on your TV and ensure it is connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Install a media player app on your smart TV

Depending on the brand and model of your smart TV, there might be a built-in media player app or you can install one from the app store. Some popular media player apps for smart TVs include Plex, Kodi, and VLC.

Step 3: Set up your NAS for media streaming

On your NAS, make sure you have a media server application installed, such as Plex, that allows for streaming media to other devices. Configure the media server settings according to your preferences, including selecting which folders or drives contain your media files.

Step 4: Open the media player app on your smart TV

Launch the media player app you installed on your smart TV. The exact steps may vary depending on the app, but typically you can find it in the list of installed apps or on the home screen of your TV.

Step 5: Navigate to the NAS media library

Using the remote control or on-screen interface of the media player app, navigate to the section or menu where you can add a media source or library.

Step 6: Add the NAS media library as a source

Select the option to add a new source or library, and choose the network or media server option. Depending on the app, you may need to provide the IP address or network name of your NAS.

Step 7: Access and stream media on your smart TV

Once the NAS media library is added as a source, you should be able to browse and access your media files on your smart TV. Navigate through folders, select the media you want to play, and enjoy streaming it directly on your TV.

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