What is QNAP QTS (QNAP Turbo NAS System)?

What is QNAP QTS (QNAP Turbo NAS System)?

QNAP QTS (QNAP Turbo NAS System) is an advanced operating system designed for QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. It provides a comprehensive suite of features, allowing users to efficiently manage their data storage and access needs.

Main Features of QNAP QTS

  1. User-friendly Interface: QNAP QTS offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, enabling users to quickly access and configure various settings.
  2. File Storage and Sharing: QTS supports multiple file systems, including EXT4, NTFS, and FAT32, allowing users to store and share files across different devices and platforms.
  3. Advanced RAID Management: QTS supports various RAID configurations, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and RAID 10, providing data protection and enhanced performance.
  4. Backup and Data Protection: QTS offers comprehensive backup solutions, including local backup, remote replication, and cloud backup, ensuring data security and availability.
  5. Virtualization Support: QTS supports virtualization technologies such as Virtualization Station and Container Station, enabling users to run virtual machines and lightweight applications within their NAS systems.
  6. Media Streaming and Entertainment: QTS allows users to stream media content to their TVs, mobile devices, and other media players, making it easy to enjoy multimedia entertainment.
  7. App Center: QTS provides an extensive App Center with a wide range of apps, allowing users to expand the functionality of their NAS with additional features and services.

System Requirements for QNAP QTS

To install and run QNAP QTS, the following system requirements are recommended:

  • Intel or AMD x86-based processor
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB or more recommended for optimal performance)
  • At least one QNAP-compatible hard drive or solid-state drive
  • Internet connection (for software updates and accessing cloud services)


QNAP QTS is compatible with various QNAP NAS models, including:

Product Series Number of models
Turbo NAS Over 30 models, including TS-x53D, TS-x73A, and TVS-x72N
QuTS hero NAS Multiple models, including HS-h, TS-h, and TVS-h series
Enterprise ZFS NAS Models such as ES-h, TDS, and TVS-x82Z

It's important to check the compatibility list provided by QNAP to ensure QTS is compatible with a specific NAS model.

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