What is Synology Drive and how does it work?

Synology Drive: A File Sync and Share Solution

Synology Drive is a file sync and share solution provided by Synology Inc. It allows individuals and businesses to synchronize files across multiple devices, collaborate on documents, and access files remotely through a web browser or mobile app.

Key features and functionalities of Synology Drive include:

  • File Synchronization: Sync files and folders between designated devices, ensuring data consistency and availability.
  • Offline Access: Access files even without an internet connection, allowing users to work offline and sync changes later.
  • Shared Folder: Create shared folders with different access permissions for team collaboration or client interactions.
  • Versioning: Keep track of file versions and restore previous versions if needed, providing a safety net in case of accidental modifications or deletions.
  • File Sharing: Share files with others via a secure link, granting read-only or read-write permissions.
  • File Locking: Prevent conflicts when multiple users edit the same file simultaneously by locking it during editing.
  • Advanced Search: Quickly find specific files or folders using search filters, such as file type, modification date, or keyword.
  • Audit Trail: Keep track of file activities, including file access, modifications, and deletion, enhancing security and compliance.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other Synology applications and services, such as Synology Office, MailPlus, or Active Backup Suite.

System Requirements and Deployment Options:

Synology Drive is compatible with various Synology NAS models, including the DiskStation and RackStation series. The specific system requirements and deployment options depend on the scale and complexity of the usage.

For small to medium-sized businesses or individuals, Synology Drive can be installed directly on a Synology NAS, providing a self-hosted and controlled environment for file management and sharing. Additionally, Synology Drive supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, allowing users to sync files on their desktop or laptop.

If higher scalability or collaboration is required, Synology Drive can also be deployed using Synology's collaboration suite, Synology Office, which includes Synology Drive, Synology Office, and Synology Calendar. This integrated solution offers advanced productivity features and real-time collaboration capabilities.

Benefits of Synology Drive:

  • Enhanced Data Security: Files are stored on the user's self-managed Synology NAS, ensuring data privacy and control.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Avoid monthly subscription fees associated with cloud-based file sync and share solutions.
  • Flexibility: Access files from anywhere using mobile apps or a web browser, enabling remote work scenarios.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: Collaborate on documents in real-time and track changes effortlessly.
  • Efficient File Management: Organize files and folders in a centralized location, simplifying file search and retrieval.

Overall, Synology Drive is a comprehensive file sync and share solution that offers robust features, scalability, and data security, empowering individuals and businesses with efficient and flexible file management capabilities.

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