What NAS applications are suitable for small business productivity?

Recommended NAS Applications for Small Business Productivity

NAS (Network-Attached Storage) applications offer numerous benefits for small businesses, providing secure and efficient file management, data backup, and collaboration functionalities. Here are some suitable NAS applications that can significantly enhance productivity for small businesses:

1. Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)

Synology DSM is a feature-rich NAS operating system, designed with robust file sharing, data synchronization, and backup capabilities. It provides various productivity applications such as:

  • File Station: A powerful file management tool with an intuitive user interface, allowing easy navigation and efficient file organization.
  • Active Backup for Business: Enables automated backup of workstations, servers, and virtual machines, ensuring data protection and minimizing downtime.
  • Office: A collaborative suite offering document editing, spreadsheets, and presentations, facilitating real-time collaboration within the organization.
  • Drive: A file synchronization and sharing service that enables seamless collaboration, allowing teams to access and edit files from multiple devices.


QNAP QTS is another reliable NAS operating system that provides a wide range of productivity applications suitable for small businesses:

  • File Station: Similar to Synology DSM's File Station, QTS File Station offers a user-friendly interface for efficient file management and organization.
  • Backup Station: Allows flexible backup options, including local data backup, remote replication, and cloud backup, ensuring data availability and integrity.
  • myQNAPcloud: Provides secure remote access to files and services stored on the NAS, allowing employees to work from anywhere, increasing productivity and flexibility.
  • Collaboration Suite: QNAP's collaboration suite includes apps like Notes Station, Calendar, and Contacts, facilitating team collaboration and enhancing productivity within the organization.

Both Synology DSM and QNAP QTS offer a range of additional applications and features, which can be further customized and expanded based on the specific needs of the small business.

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