How do I create and manage network shares on my Synology NAS?

Create and Manage Network Shares on Synology NAS

To create and manage network shares on a Synology NAS, follow these steps:

1. Connect to the NAS interface

- Ensure your Synology NAS is powered on and connected to the network.
- Open a web browser and enter the NAS's IP address or domain name.
- Enter your login credentials to access the NAS management interface.

2. Create a shared folder

- Once logged in, navigate to "Shared Folder" in the main menu.
- Click on "Create" and provide a name for the shared folder.
- Choose the desired settings, such as user/group permissions and encryption options.
- Click "Next" and finish the creation process.

3. Configure the shared folder

- In the shared folder list, locate the folder you just created and click on "Edit".
- Modify the settings as needed, such as enabling/disable Recycle Bin, quota limitations, or advanced permissions.
- Apply the changes and close the settings window.

4. Enable network sharing protocols

- In the main menu, go to "Control Panel" and select "File Services".
- Enable the network sharing protocols you wish to use, such as SMB/AFP/NFS/FTP.
- Customize the settings for each protocol if required, including enabling/disabling encryption and specifying access rules.
- Save the settings.

5. Grant access to shared folders

- To allow users or groups to access the shared folders, go to "Control Panel" and select "User" or "Group".
- Create new users or groups or modify existing ones according to your requirements.
- Assign appropriate access rights to the shared folders by editing the user/group settings.

6. Access the shared folders from client devices

- On a computer or other client device connected to the same network, open the file explorer.
- Enter the network address (e.g., \\NAS-IP-Address\shared-folder) to access the Synology NAS shared folder.
- Provide the necessary credentials when prompted (if applicable).
- You can now manage and manipulate files within the shared folder as needed.

By following these steps, you can create and manage network shares on your Synology NAS efficiently.

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