How can I set up a shared folder on my Synology NAS for file sharing?

Setting up a shared folder for file sharing on Synology NAS

Step 1: Accessing the Synology NAS web interface

1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your Synology NAS in the address bar.
2. Login using your admin credentials.

Step 2: Creating a shared folder

1. Once logged in, find and click on the "File Station" application.
2. On the left panel, navigate to the desired location where you want to create the shared folder.
3. Click on the "Create" button at the top of the screen and select "Shared Folder".
4. Enter a name for the shared folder in the "Name" field.
5. Choose the appropriate folder permissions for users and groups accessing the shared folder.
6. Click "Next" and then "Apply" to create the shared folder.

Step 3: Configuring access permissions

1. Select the newly created shared folder, and click on the "Privilege Settings" button in the toolbar.
2. In the "Shared Folder Permissions" tab, click on the "+" button to add users or groups.
3. Select the desired users or groups and assign the appropriate read/write permissions.
4. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Step 4: Enabling advanced sharing settings

1. Go to the "Advanced" tab in the "Privilege Settings" window.
2. Check the box for "Enable Recycle Bin" if you want to enable it for the shared folder.
3. Adjust any other advanced settings as desired.
4. Click "OK" to save the changes.

Step 5: Accessing the shared folder

1. Users can access the shared folder by mapping it as a network drive on their computers.
2. Open the File Explorer on your Windows computer.
3. Click on "This PC" or "My Computer" and then select "Map network drive" from the toolbar.
4. Enter the NAS address and the shared folder name (e.g., \\NAS_IP\shared_folder_name) in the respective fields.
5. Select the desired drive letter and check the box for "Reconnect at sign-in" if desired.
6. Click "Finish" to map the network drive.

Note: Please refer to your NAS documentation for the specific steps if you encounter any issues or have a different model.

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